Well, here we are, how is it going everyone? This is the 800th post from Team Infinite Limitless, all of us right now are quite steaming and partying like crazy after one very long crazy year. We have all worked hard, all gone through the mincer with the virus situation but right now quite happily cranking up the tunes this evening smashing quite a few beverages. We’ve even had some indoor mountain biking, extreme tabletop pogo and some sort of weird cardboard stair gliding going on, don’t ask, it didn’t work! Fantastic evening anyway. It is crazy to think this started out as just a journal, but it has grown so much. I thank you, we all thank you for bringing us together, thank you for liking, subscribing, following, sharing and listening to the music. There has been talk of a radio station and even some live sessions for upcoming posts but we will indeed, see what is happening! To all our friends across the world, thank you for tuning in! Thank you for rating us the worlds number 1 music blog. We will continute to find the wolrds most sweetest music and bring it here so you have the fine pleasure of listening! Make sure to suppor the atists and get on board!

The IL Team!

Perfect track! Feint, We Won’t Be Alone, feat Laura Brehm — Monstercat – OH yes, haven’t Monstercat grown this year!!!


Elijah Nang (Lofi Music)

Elijah Nang has grown on me allot the last few weeks and it’s certainly a go to when you are chilled and kicking back. I found myself on a thirteen hour flight a few months back and it was great to listen too. Other flyers seem to notice the slow head bob while your sipping your complimentary orange juice or water being given out along the isle. It’s also great for that early evening time with a bit of purple, pink or blue neon lighting.  Take a listen. 🙂

It still shocks the air hostesses when you’re a foreign dude speaking in Japanese.