Ghostface Playa – Why Not

Critical Analysis:::

It’s got the old school hip hop gangsta style but it’s heavier to the almost trap phonk and wave level but then it drops at 0:37 with a sick old skool techno break at 122 with a slight tech house vibe that can only be described as the PH inverse of fat. The type of sound you expect to hear when you open a bottle of water looking seriously in slow motion with a low camera angle that results in 50 million views.


Collective Efforts – New Album

Back in 2004 the Collective Efforts released the Trial Mix album. A hip hop masterpiece! They have been working on a new album and you can listen to it right here! Check out the link.

After a 10 year hiatus, Collective Efforts is back with a polished sound that is refined and reflective. Listeners will find less posturing and more pontificating on this latest offering, which tells tales of a road well traveled and the memories captured along the way. Filled with both heartbreak and joy, the stories find our protagonists at a crossroads in life, with a renewed chance to reconnect to their passion, reclaim their voices, and realign the vision as they make their journey home.

produced by J-Mil and Ben Hameen for Collective Efforts Music
mixed and arranged by Ben Hameen at the Lion’s Lair in Decatur, GA
mastered by Yamin Semali
artwork by J-Mil

The Long Way Home by Collective Efforts


Attention outsidey & internet peoples!

It is vitally important to know that without the support of many groups, businesses, charities and trusts many of the locations we travel to for extreme sports and the great outdoors simply wouldn’t exist or be as good as they are.

We would like to ask you to check out the support section which contains links to all sorts of websites that help keep these places going and increase the quality of people’s lives. Get involved!

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